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    First of all, USG would like to apologize for all of the confusion and our error over the elections. It was determined after elections closed that the ticket that held David and Stephanie’s name was actually ineligible. USG made the mistake by putting them on the ballot; we knew the election packet was turned in late, but we did not realize it was a blatant violation of our bylaws. If we would have known this prior, their names would not have appeared on the ballot. Due to this mistake, and the fact that the ineligible candidates won the election, we are reopening the elections for the Student Body President and Vice President positions.

    This election is open to any students who are interested in the positions of Student Body President and Vice President. A new timeline has been created, and is as follows.

    April 16th: Election packets available for…

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    I am not a big fan of politics which is why I have not been involved in the USG. But, having been involved and held an officer position in several organizations, I can see how USG has impact over the organizations such as funding.

    After briefly going through all of these comments, I think it is ridiculous that we are trying to make a huge fuss over whether people should be disqualified or qualified because they turn in the election packet ONE day late. My impression is that Dave was able to find a person very quickly after the previous candidate resigned and was able to turn in the packet a day late? If it was two days late or a month late, that could be a different story.

    Well, I don't care about the story, and I commend all the candidates for willing to take the chance at running for president and vice-president. I commend all of the candidates for acting on their own good terms. What is most important now is that USG and all the (President, vice-president...) candidates try to regain the trust of the school community. Show us why we should care about USG, and instead of trying to fuss over the tiny deadline (one day late or one minute late or one microsecond late), let this be an experience for us and try to learn from it and move forward.

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